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BOREGARD. is an artist born and raised in Atlanta. Inspired by the likes of Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, André 3000, you can hear elements of his upbringing in his music.  As a first generation West-African, his style is unique with an engaging flow. BOREGARD. is the next generation’s icon, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice.


Northside Tavern

“[It’s] open late, and they have great live bans every night. The drinks are reasonably priced too. It’s just a great vibe.”

-Curated By Boregard.

The Beltline

“The Beltline, there’s great food and drink options all along the way! Nothing is more refreshing than an early morning walk, and a good meal to start the day.”

-Curated By Boregard.

The Clothing Warehouse

“I enjoy shopping for vintage clothing at a couple spots. Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points rarely disappoints.”

-Curated By Boregard.


“[They] sell Funko Pops, which I love!”

-Curated By Boregard.


“Our favorite record shop is Criminal Records in Little Five Points; the vibe is relaxed and the records are diverse.”
– Curated By Larkin Poe

Criminal Records. We’ve performed there a few times and they’ve always been kind to us.”
Curated By Microwave


“My favorite local record store in Atlanta is definitely Criminal Records in Little Five Points. They have been a pillar in the community for so long.”
– Curated by Ceelo Green


“Criminal Records is my favorite local record store”
– Curated by Big Boi

Barcelona Wine Bar

“Chicken Pimientos – it’s the perfect meal.”

-Curated By Boregard.

High Museum

“They are always bringing interesting exhibits to the city.”

-Curated By Boregard.